Quiet Reflection
16x20 Oil on Linen

Quiet Reflection was sold at
Highlands Art Gallery


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Quiet Reflection was a finalist in the April 2012 RayMar Fine Art Competition

Judges Comments:
To me,, what makes this a beautiful painting is the contrast between the loose painterly feel of what is in--and going on in--the room with the more hard-edged and detailed reflection. This particular battle is being waged mainly in the surface of the table where you see the calm, soft lines of the flowers and window on the left with the details of the gold framed bisecting the picture frame and creating a subtle tension where you don't expect it to be. This also does what all great paintings should aspire to--mainly document the beauty of a simple moment, a beauty that typically goes by unnoticed. I also love the way the design on the chair upholstery falls apart as well.
- Joshua Rose