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Oil Painting Restoration and Cleaning
by Howard Friedland

Painting Restoration
Sully Tear Detail Sully tear Fixed
Portrait by Thomas Sully ( full image above)
American portrait artist (1783-1872)

On the right, a detail showing a very bad tear in the canvas by the lady's head.

On the far right, a detail showing where I have repaired the tear in the canvas and "in-painted" the area, hiding the damage. I completed the work by re-varnishing the painting with resin based non-yellowing varnish

Russian Icon -
Artist Unknown

On the right, canvas in very poor condition
eaten through by bugs, paint missing by baby Jesus's head, scrapes throughout the painting,water stain to the right of Saint's head .

On the far right, I cleaned and repaired the painting. I mounted the canvas on board, filled the gaps in the canvas and filled the scrapes and tears in the canvas. I then
"in-painted" the damaged areas to hide the repair work.
I re-varnished the painting with resin based easily removable non-yellowing varnish.

Russian Icon Before Russian Icon After
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The Grand Parade by O.S.C Detering

To see detailed images of the Before photos that show the damage to the painting as well as the repairs done to
the painting scroll down

On the right, "Before" photo of
the painting. The painting needed
to be cleaned very carefully because
the paint was flaking therefore it
needed to be stabilized so no further
flaking would occur.



On the right, "After" photo of the restored painting showing the painting
fully restored to its original beauty.

Parade Before
Parade Detail Window Before Parade guy detail before
Parade Window after detail

Above: Details of the windows and figures. (flaked off missing paint)

Left: Detail of repaired building and figures

Parade After
Parade detai horse after
Parade Horse detail before

Right: Detail of horse
pealing paint.

Far right: Detail of repaired horse.